CPS&L is getting busy with wedding and prom rentals and DJ performances. Make sure you call us early to reserve a system or DJ for your event. I am not available to DJ on the following booked dates but as always, systems are available to rent:

  • May 7th Colfax Prom DJ performance (school dance)
  • June 10 DJ performance (wedding)
  • June 18 DJ performance (private party)
  • Sept 10 DJ perfomance (birthday)

And a couple of recent events…

Oliver S. wanted a “bigger” sound system for a wedding. He stated “you are my new go-to guy for sound and lights.”  I say – Thanks Oliver!

OS wedding


Here is a picture of the “Small” rental package setup at an outdoor event. It looked super cool and our client Martin C. was very happy!

small party set-up

This package included:

  • 2 – QSC K122’s
  • 1 – QSC KW181 sub
  • 2 – LED blacklight washes
  • 2 – Mini Kintas
  • 2 – Chauvet Abyss
  • 2 – Chauvet EZPAR 56
  • 2 – speaker stands
  • 1 – lighting stand
  • Plug in your iPod, computer or pro DJ gear (as I did) and rock the house!
  • Rental price is $305+tax

We now carry square and flat aluminum “Global Truss” (pics to follow) with tons of applications including but not limited to:

  • DJ and club lighting support
  • Live music lighting support
  • High tech looking product or art/media display
  • Gateways/Archways for event entrances, start/finish lines etc…
  • Free standing totems
  • Ask about other applications

Pics from the upcoming prom event with our “big” system and trussing will be in a follow up post…