The best rental speaker systems for underground events in Sacramento, whether you are going for the sweet warmth of house music, the edge of techno or the bass drop of modern dubstep or bass music, are produced by Funktion-One, Void Acoustics, PK Sound and D&B. These brands have set a much higher bar in sound pressure level and sound quality than all others.

We put our trust in the performance of Funktion-One (official) tops. Although more expensive than the other systems, partly due to their need to be imported from the UK, their performance is legendary and well tested. Funktion-One’s design chief, Tony Andrews original sound company, Turbosound produced the speakers that ignited the west coast rave scene in the early 90’s. Tony’s point source Funktion-One line has been the install standard in the best nightclubs worldwide since the 90’s owing to their sweet sound and output capabilities. Their axehead waveguide design is beautiful and instantly recognizable. Their warmth and clarity is unequaled due to the use of a paper cone mid range driver. An event with “Funktion-One” on the event flyer lets potential attendees know that the promoter is serious about sound quality.

If you are looking to rent Void Acoustics, PK sound or D&B systems, give us a call. I’m sure our Funktion-One system will make you smile.

Larger event promoters and FOH engineers – our system is more than capable of providing FOH sound reinforcement for any event or genre up to 1500 people (obviously size of area and sound pressure level dependent). We use Linea 44M20 (4 channel, 5,000 watts RMS per channel) to drive our subs and a QSC PLD4.5 (4 channel 1250 watts/channel RMS) to drive our tops. Our QSC K12.2 are capable stage monitors for live events. And while we do carry DJ gear, we do not carry any live backline.