If you want to add the biggest “wow” factor to your wedding, for the lowest cost, you need to add some theatrical aka stage lighting to your event. I will give you a few tips and tricks below, about using color and more, to guide your guests emotions using uplighting, color washes, pin spotting gobo projection and more.

What is theatrical or stage lighting?

Theatrical lighting and stage lighting are basically the same thing. These lights are used to “paint” surfaces with color, shape, texture and/or messages. Uplighting and washes add color delivering a powerful visual cue to the overall “feel” of your wedding and commonly will match or complement the bridal wedding colors. Pin spotting brings attention to specific items. Gobo projection provides texture, shapes and other things like your wedding monogram.

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How do I use Uplighting and washes at my wedding?

We covered what type of lights to use but you’re wondering “How do I use them”? One of the most common uses, with the biggest effect, is to uplight the walls or architectural features of the venue. Chandeliers, pillars and arches are all game. But what if it is a plain hall? Place the uplight on the ground next to any light colored wall and aim it up to the ceiling allowing some light to hit the wall and some the ceiling. This creates colored light columns – use as many or as few uplights as you like for effect.

This effect can be used on the ceiling and floor as well to spread colored light columns in any desired location. This ceiling technique is especially effective to add color to the top of big wedding tents. On a overcast day it can add emotional warmth to the environment… Your guests will forget the weather.

An uplight with a diffuser spreads the light, washing an entire wall or surface with your desired color. This technique can be used outdoors as well to paint the entry walls to the venue in any color you choose.

You can use uplights with a diffuser under a table with a tablecloth to wash the tablecloth in your colors (works best with white or very light colors of course). This is commonly used under the head table and/or cake table in the desired wedding colors.

Where should I place the pin spot?

Pin spotting is an excellent way to bring attention to special items at your wedding. If you’re thinking “I should place a pin spot on my beautiful wedding cake”, you are starting to grasp the design tricks. Perhaps another pin spot on the signature portrait.

Adding “Class” to your wedding – Why should I use a gobo projector?

A gobo projector is a small spot light with adjustable size and focus that use a “gobo” to place a projected light shape of almost anything you want, anywhere you want it! If uplights and pin spots add color and focal points to your wedding, gobo projectors add a touch of “class”. So the answer to “why should I use a gobo projector“? is class!

Common gobos for weddings are of course the bride and groom monogram (stylized combined initials usually) as well as the romantic imagery of hearts, interlinked wedding rings and roses. Nothing says class like the wedding couple monogram projected on the wall behind the couple, or on the dance floor. We like heart, ring and rose gobos projected on the dance floor or other surfaces. Gobos can also be made with lines, dots, herringbone pattern etc. that can be used to create texture on walls for very specific design goals however this borders on “theatre” application. While gobo projectors can be used with colored gels, for the classiest look, we recommend white for the ultra clean, sharp and bright outline of your desired image.

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Can I design my wedding lighting myself?

I know we covered a lot of information in a short time and you may be wondering, can I do this myself? We say absolutely! Our brief education about the different type of lighting available as well as the design concepts involved in placement will have your wedding reception looking amazing with very low cost and effort. Just follow our tips and tricks on theatrical and stage lighting to use uplighting, color washes, pin spots and gobo projectors to add a professional and very classy look to your big day.

So if you’r ready to get started you are going to need a rental lighting package like the ones offered at California Pro Sound And Light. Of course if you prefer that we handle the design, we are happy to do that as well! Contact us here