While there are a multitude of ways to improve branding and marketing in the trade show and festival setting, my advice is to put your logo or branding message in front of them in a flashy “eye catching” way and entice them to spend more time looking at it. Let’s examine a couple of ways to do this.

Putting your logo in front of people

Banners and signage that contain your business name, logo or branding message are obvious and SHOULD be done. Banners and signage will likely be done by literally everybody there however and is unlikely to stand out. Which is why I recommend UV reactive banners and signage with LED UV par lights, gobo projectors and for high end events, LASER with custom graphics.

Gobo projectors

My favorite tool is the “gobo projector”, which is a high output light that shines through a steel or glass disc and projects your logo, or other message, onto any surface you want. The image can be black and white, gray scale, or full color. Projection surfaces can include the walkway in front of your booth, the walls, ceiling or floor of your booth, even surfaces 100 feet or more away from your booth. These projectors can display your logo or image as a static image or rotate it. Very eye catching and I like the idea that it can be projected on spaces where signage is difficult at best, like the floor of your booth or walkway in front of it.

UV LED par lights

These UV LED par lights project UV light far more brightly than the old “blacklight” bulbs of the 70’s-90’s era. UV reactive things in your booth will simply POP out at people. I suggest using them with UV reactive banners and signage as well as UV reactive packaging on your products. Wildfire makes an amazing array of UV reactive paint including invisible UV paint that only stands out when under UV light. Very cool and very engaging in festival and tradeshow booths! The lights can even be programmed to slowly dim and brighten which will give your booth a pulse!


LASER logos, text, graphics and projection mapping can push the boundaries of excitement for attendees. Imagine unveiling a new model luxury item and tracing it with a LASER projector, to music.

Truss – Another way to draw attention to your booth

Tradeshows and festivals are literally littered with pop-up tents. They look flimsy and generic even when decorated well. Is flimsy and generic the first image you want your customer to see? Not if you want to be memorable! I like booths made of aluminum box stage truss. Aluminum stage truss looks cutting edge, very stable and can be up lit with LED pars giving a glow, in your company colors (or any color you want), to the truss itself. Truss can be installed indoors or out and is great for supporting your signage, banners and lighting, or even speakers!

Increasing customer face time – Sound system and tunes

The power of music! I highly recommend, if the event allows, that you add a sound system to your booth. Of course you need to have a good idea of what the attendees might like but if you get it right, they will stay longer. Even better – Have a DJ play the tunes in your booth, it’s interactive and live. Of course you should provide areas in your booth to hang out and, product dependent, sample your products!


Where does CPS&L fit in? Rental & Production

CPS&L provides DIY rental and full production aluminum stage truss, gobo projectors, UV LED par lights, LED uplights, sound systems, DJ gear, LASERS and much more. We pride ourselves on delivering memorable and lasting experiences for guests in a wide variety of settings from small local events to large corporate events. And we are friendly to ALL industries. Contact us now to find out how we can help improve your success.